Friday, October 16, 2015

My Dogs Nightly Routine - Meet My Dogs!

My content has been close to non-existent lately and the reason is I want to write more than simply beauty related. Don't get me wrong, I am just as much of a product junkie as I was before, but I want variety. I am not changing my name, but I will be adding in more posts that could be categorized as more lifestyle related. If you don't want to read a mix, then that's fine!! Blogging is supposed to be about content you want to create and that's what I am attempting to do.

Now onto my blog post...

Molly is our Lab/Vizsla mix, she is the blonde one taking up all the space. Bailey is our Vizsla and he is in the back. Molly is 5 and Bailey is 7. We adopted Molly from a rescue when she was 1.5 years old. Bailey we've had since he was 8 weeks old.

I'm going to try to be less concerned about content and just start writing often about my dogs.

This is for me, so if anyone else reads it, I hope you find some enjoyment from it.

Bailey on his 7th birthday :)

Lately, Bailey has been sleeping on the couch at night. I walk them both, then Bailey jumps up on the couch and I wrap him in a blanket. Molly, sits patiently as I do my nightly routine of turning off lights, Scentsy warmers, and a quick pick up (just in case Bailey jumps down). Weirdly enough, my dogs stay put all night and only move if they really need to be walked. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I will go check on Bailey and re-cover him with a blanket (he usually kicks it off at some point). 

Random moment with Molly when I made a dish towel into a cape for her :)

Back to Molly, she waits for me to finish up, and then she follows me into our bedroom. I have a dog bed right next to my side of the bed and she sleeps on that. I cover her with one of our very soft blankets, tell her "I love you" and she is off to sleep.

Our dogs used to join us on our bed every night, but Molly is a bit of a bed hog. She is 20 pounds less than Bailey and takes up more space than the rest of us. She is always moving around and Bailey started to sleep on the couch because of it. Now she has her own tempur-pedic dog bed, that is big enough to allow her to lay out the way she wants to.

In the morning, I roll over and see Molly's beautiful eyes staring at me, I call her up and she joins me in bed for a morning snuggle. Which means to her, I must give her a belly rub, as she rolls around on her back. Then I call Bailey to the bedroom, after a few shouts of his name, he sluggishly joins us for morning snuggles and rubs. After a few minutes, it's time to get the day started with a walk outside for the dogs.

I love every moment with these dogs, even when they drive me crazy, they're my everything, and I cannot imagine my life without them.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sephora Haul - August 2015

Once again, I shopped at Sephora, and once again, I am sharing it here. I'm trying to blog more and document the items I am purchasing, so just work with me as I try to get into the swing of things here.

I only paid for two items, the rest were items I traded in points for or I had a promotional code for it.

Sephora has a massive amount of products in their 'Sale' section, and I saw the Tarte kit (SOLD OUT, sorry!!) for $13!! I needed a new eyelash curler, because my current one doesn't fit my eye comfortably. I've heard good things about this curler and I hope I enjoy it, too. It also comes with the 'lights, camera, flashes' mascara.

The other product I paid for is the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil. I love rose hip oil, it heals your skin, it brightens your skin, it does a little but of everything. I apply two pumps to my skin right before bed.

Everything else were point perks or required a promotional code. Living Proof 500 point perk, Caudalie Premier Cru 100 point perk (two separate online orders), and the Hourglass gift with promotional code. Hourglass gift is for VIB & VIB Rouge, minimum $35 purchase, code was: VIBHOUR

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ulta Haul

I know, I know, it has been far too long time since I blogged, I decided I will try to blog weekly, and see how that goes. This post won't be long, but I am sharing my recent Ulta Haul

While watching Youtube one day, I came across MakeupByAlli, and her recent Ulta Haul video. In the beginning, she discussed teaming up with Ulta for their 25th Anniversary or Birthday (does it matter?) and with any purchase of $75 or more, you could receive all of these free samples. 

I was already planning on buying Lancome Genifique, and as it turns out, Ulta sells Lancome. Win for me! ***Side note, I am loving Ulta more and more. You receive points to redeem for a cash value towards products, they have multiple 20% off sales throughout the year, and numerous gift with purchases. Here just take my money!

Then I find on Ulta's website the Lancome Genifique within a kit for the same price, with extra products. Plus, I received a mini Genifique, all of these free samples, used EBATES, and I received 3x points for this purchase. I'm loving Ulta and Makeupbyalli right now!!

Unfortunately, this gift with purchase sold out quickly, but if you want a review on anything, let me know. Some of the freebies I am giving to my sister, as I already own the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Is there anything you're loving for your skin right now? Any products you want to try?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Beauty Favorites 2015 ~ Bumble & Bumble, Sibu Beauty, Bite Beauty, Colleen Rothschild, L'Occitane

I haven't blogged since December of 2014, and truly, it was lack of inspiration.

I edited a tiny portion of my layout last night and it inspired me to do a monthly favorites. One of those no brainers, easy to write and upload. I have so much I want to share, but you need to be inspired to do it.

Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm 

This product has changed the way I clean my face and on occasion, the way I remove my makeup. After trying the smaller version from The Discover Kit, I fell in love with the product performance and purchased a full-size. I have just now started my second full-size of this product. The Radiant Cleaning Balm works as great morning cleanse to refresh, awaken, and prep my face for the day. It leaves my skin balanced and toned, without the need for an immediate moisturizer. Typically after washing my face with a normal cleanser, a toner is needed immediately to balance my PH level, but with this product, there is no need. I can move onto a moisturizer and not feel like my skin is dehydrated.

 I've noticed a balancing effect all over and has greatly reduced oil on my chin during the day.

L'Occitane Cleansing and Softening Shower Oil with Almond Oil

After receiving a deluxe sample the L'Occitane Almond Oil from I believe was in a Sephora order, I fell in love with how this worked and most importantly to me, how it smelled. If you don't like almonds, you will not like this. It is a warm, rich scent, that melts on your skin and lathers slightly to cleanse your skin. Your skin is left soft, clean, and glowing. Once you use this, you will be hooked!

This is a luxury product and I did purchase this in the 16.9 fl oz. size during the Sephora sale.

Bumble & Bumble Spray de Mode Hairspray

I love the Bumble & Bumble Spray de Mode Hairspray on days I wear my hair up. This works great at holiday my little hairs down and keeping them in place, but without the heavy feel of normal hair spray. It has a light, fresh scent, and stays in place until I want my hair down.

The reason I am loving this specific product is when I take my hair down, I can run my hand through my hair, almost like I never had hairspray in my hair. I love this and it will especially come in handy as it is already 100 today in Arizona.

I purchased this in the 4 oz travel size.

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Nourishing Facial Cream

Holy grail moisturizer from Sibu Beauty right here!! It moisturizes, but quickly absorbs to a soft matte feel. It doesn't make me sticky or breakout. The tone and texture of my skin has improved since I started to use it (this is my second bottle).

I need 1-1.5 pumps of this, I massage it all over, apply my sunscreen, and I am all set to apply my makeup. I will always have this product (well, unless something better comes along) and have a backup waiting for me.

Bite Beauty Lush Lip Tint with Resveratrol in shade Watermelon

During the Sephora Chic Week sale, I was at Sephora and was looking for a everyday pink shade, that I can throw on and go. I've noticed my makeup collection has a tone of nude/light pink shades, and I wanted a pop of color.

Lately, I've been reaching for balms and stains, not so much gloss. The Bite Beauty Lip Tint fit exactly what I was looking for and from a brand I've been wanting to try. I only need one quick swipe on my top and bottom lips, and I have just the right amount of color. Even though this is a balm, I feel it has an incredible wear time, due to the formula being thinner and not overly moisturizing. This is another product that has a good balance of moisture and does not create a thick film on your lips. My average wear time is 2-3 hours.

I am looking at expanding my collection and trying the shade Lychee next.

Connect with me!! I've updated my 'Contact Me' section of my blog with links to my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

November 2014 Favorites & Fails

Hello, birthday month. Goodbye, birthday month. With the end of November, another year passes, and I am 28 years-old.

I cried, I laughed, I drank wine, and I am onto the future. I love growing older, but I just hate knowing the time that has passed without being around my loved ones. Maybe one day we will all be on the same coast once again. Traveling is difficult for my little family as I hate road trips and my husband hates flying. Thus the reason we never travel home, and we can't just leave our dogs with anyone, so we haven't been back to visit family in years.

Not that anyone reads this blog to know about me, so I will move on from that, and start discussing my monthly favorites.

This November was surrounded by new products from the Sephora VIB sale (I just heard there is a gift card x off $50 or such, which will be sent to all members. The discount varies based on your member status). The sale for me was a major flop, even though I did buy a bunch of products, I was underwhelmed by it all, and sent a bunch back I never opened. There hasn't been any high-end products lately that have just 'knocked my socks off' and made me excited.

That being said, drugstore products have 'knocked my socks' off lately, and that is half of this month's favorites - drugstore. I don't have any skincare favorites to add this month, most of my favorites are still favorites, but I am trying out two new lines soon. Sibu Beauty and Colleen Rothschild. I have three products coming in from Sibu Beauty and I am trying out the Discovery Kit from Colleen Rothschild.

Here are my favorite products for the month of November.

1). ELF HD Blush in Headline and the ELF Small Stipple Brush ($3 each).

I picked this up on a whim at Target, after hearing EmilyNoel83 talk about the brush in a video. I knew from a previous video of hers, that this worked great with cream blushes. I decided to pick this color up, as it looked to be a perfect pale, neutral pink, which I thought would look great on my fair skin-tone. Not only did it look great, but it lasted all day, too. It gives a perfect flush to my cheeks and you only need a tiny amount to get great color.  For $3, I am going to pick up more shades of this product.

The 'Small Stipple Brush' was great to blend out the product and there were no lines or streaking.

2).  The Real Techniques Blush Brush ($8.99)

Amazing, Just amazing. This brush has quickly turned into one of my favorite brushes in my collection. I was tempted to get the Bobbi Brown Blush Brush during the VIB sale, but couldn't stomach the $52 price tag, even with the discount. I decided to pick this up while I was at Ulta one day and I can now say I am THRILLED I picked this up. It is effortless, picks up just the right amount of product, blends easily, it is soft on the face, and my blush looks better.

I have a few high-end blush brushes, but this one out shines them all. I want to buy another one to use for bronzer or powder. It is the perfect shape to use in a variety of ways on your face.

3). Pixi Flawless & Poreless Primer  &  Redness Reducing Primer (Deluxe sample size $9.00)

While browsing products at Target, I started to give the Pixi section of products a closer look. I found many products I wanted to try, but picked up this due to the reduced size and price. I love being able to buy smaller sizes of products to test out, before I buy the full-size.

Both products have earned a spot on my favorites. 1). For being almost a dupe for my Smashbox light primer 2). The other for working great at reducing redness. I think they are both great primers for the drugstore and are well worth giving a try if you're needing a new primer.

*The Flawless & Poreless primer contains Salicylic Acid - which I love!

4). MAC Pro Longwear Concealer - Shade NC15

I have to admit, when I first got the product a few months ago, I didn't like it. Then as I did more research and learned to work with it better, I saw the reason why this is so hyped up. When applied, it is thin formula, almost a hair away from being runny, but you can spread this easily over your skin. I apply this with my finger tip, under my eye in a upside-down triangle. I take my damp Beauty Blender, and tap it into my skin. It quickly melts into your skin, doesn't look heavy, and it doesn't feel heavy. Your under eyes look concealed, not heavy or cakey, and it looks like beautiful skin. I will even use this to highlight other areas of my fave, too.

My only issue with this is the packaging. The pump (if pushed down all the way) pumps out too much product at a time, and you have to carefully only push it half-way down. The other issue is it is a glass container, which means it isn't travel friendly.

5). Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara - Deluxe Sample

Again, another product I didn't like at first, but now I love it. I have a sample from who knows where, and I have enjoyed the way my lashes look with this. It holds a curl and my lashes look bigger than before. I especially love how long-wearing it is, but easy to wash off at the end of the day.

I won't be purchasing a full-size now, but will consider it when I finish with the other mascara I own.

6). Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation -FAIL

I wanted to love this. I thought it looked great on my skin. It was so soft, but then I realized what it had in it. Bismuth Oxychloride. Which is the same reason I stopped using Bare Minerals foundation. If you have sensitive or reactive skin, that is an ingredient you want to avoid.

I didn't realize this had it (yes, I should have looked) and couldn't figure out why all of a sudden I was getting random breakouts. I had been acne free for almost four months and then poof, little things started to pop up.

Plus, for the money, you would think it would come in a case. Nope. The case is sold separately. It comes in a plastic sleeve. Yuck!

What have you loved for the month of November?

Any fails?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sephora Haul - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette - Bobbi Brown Perk

Just a quick post to share what arrive from Sephora. I saw the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette was available for Rouge members at early access. However, I for some reason thought it wasn't limited edition. When I realized how wrong I was, it was sold out, and had to wait for the official release date of October 1st. I ordered this as my early birthday present (November) and won't be using it until then. However, I just wanted to share how BEAUTIFUL it is, and I wanted to get some feedback from anyone else who has purchased it.

Have you bought this palette? Are you going to?

 Luminous Flush/ Incandescent Electra/ Mood Exposure

I also decided to turn in my points to pick up the 500 Bobbi Brown perk. It comes with hot pink cosmetic bag with Bobbi Brown written on the tie on the zipper, the Smokey Eye mascara, Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Rose, High Shimmer Lip Gloss in Bare Sparkle, Hydrating Eye Cream, and the Longwear Eye Pencil in Jet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 2014 Favorites

I decided to jump on here and upload my favorites for the month of September. I haven't had any favorites for a few months, but this month I had six stand out products.

I've been focusing more on my skincare recently and I can safely say that after two months, my skin has improved greatly. I barely have breakouts anymore and if I do get one, it never peaks and disappears.

All of my favorites are skincare, but I have some new products that might be in a favorites next month. With all of the kits and palettes coming out, I am sure I will be a kid in a candy shop very soon.

*I'm writing this with a migraine and apologize for any spelling errors.

1). Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Enriched Calming Toner

If you have dry, normal, sensitive skin, or rosacea, you will love this toner. I use this on days my skin feels a little irritated or needs extra hydration. I shake the bottle up, shake a few drops on a cotton pad, then gently smooth it over my skin.

Your skin will not feel greasy or heavy from this. This product soaks right in and leaves your skin feeling soft, and hydrated.

2). Yes to Carrots line

This month I am sharing the Yes to Carrots daily facial moisturizer and the cream cleanser. I LOVE this line and wish I had tried it sooner. Again, this is great if you have dry, normal, sensitive skin, and just want something to truly nourish your skin.

For starters, the cleanser is a much cheaper version of my beloved REN cleanser, and it performs just the same. My skin feels more resilient to the weather changes since I started to use this product and my skin has stayed soft much longer than it used to. I'm sure it has to do with the combination of products, but I won't be changing anything in my routine.

The nourishing daily moisturizer with SPF 15 is a great daily moisturizer for when you're not applying makeup. For me, it can be a little too much under makeup, but it is great for days when you're home, want to be protected from the sun, and have a moisturizer on. I have been wearing this most days and can tell it is a little greasy in some areas, but not unbearable.

3). Paula's Choice Clear Daily Skin Clearing Treatment 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide

Between this and the next product, my skin has cleared up with the last two months of almost daily use. I apply all over my skin most nights, right after I wash my face, then I follow with a serum, and a moisturizer. I do take a break from it a few times during the week, and will sometimes apply it during the day if I feel something is brewing under my skin. I only apply a dime size amount and that is more than enough for my entire face.

I did try the trial size of the stronger version and I did not like it on my skin. It will probably work better for someone with normal to oily skin, and not someone with sensitive skin, who leans on the dry/normal side.

4). Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner

Let me start off by saying, if you have any open sores, open acne or any open cuts on your skin, do not use this on those spots, as it will sting! When you don't have any open spots on your skin, this is a refreshing toner that removes dull skin, unclogs pores, reduces blackheads, uneven tone, and won't dry out your skin. My skin is more even, my skin is smooth, I don't have that many or any blackheads, and my acne is all but cleared up. I do have hyperpigmentation from my previous acne, but this is helping to speed that up.

I use this morning or night, it varies when I will use it and the frequency. I used it morning and night when I first started to use it, but now I do not need it as much. You will need to use a good SPF during the day if you start to use this product.

5). FRESH Seaberry Exfoliating Soap

I am now on my second bar of this and had a backup waiting for over a month. I did not want to be without this product. After doing research on keratosis pilaris, I decided to pick this up, and give it a try. I used this whenever I shower all over my body and after a few uses, I could tell a difference. My KP started to disappear, the skin tone on my body evened out, my skin was softer, and more hydrated. This bar of soap has been a miracle and I hope they never discontinue it.

This lasted me about three months and I take a shower almost every night to ever other night.